Why Would He Do This For Us?

by · December 16, 2018

“Why Would He Do This For Us?”

A Christmas Poem
by Dr. Micah Carter

God the Son, eternally loved,
Content in the riches of heaven;
Perceived our need and poverty,
Set aside glory to become human.

Sovereign God without limitations
Took up our weakness and sorrow,
He emptied himself and united with flesh
So that our limitations he’d know.

Deserving much more at the time of his birth,
He settled for humble condition.
A manger his crib in the stench of the stable—
Where is this King’s recognition?

Yet all of his life, despised and rejected!
His own people refused his acclaim;
Humbly he lived, obedient he died,
That we might have life in his name!

We look upon him with pity and wonder,
Why would he do this for us?
To start in a manger and end on a cross;
The world has not ceased to discuss.

Now cross overcome and death put to death,
Eternal glory his, victorious!
Eternal life as a gift in the manger-laid Son;
Why would he do this for us?

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