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by · December 12, 2019

Starting a new “season” of podcasting and writing, Matt and I wanted to rebrand Gospel Reign a bit. Part of that process meant the creation of a new logo. Our original logo was created by our mutual friend Nancy Nanney, and it served us well! We are so grateful for her help and skill getting us underway.

The new logo and look was designed by an artist/illustrator friend of mine, Tristan Cabral. You can see more of his work here on Instagram. His style appealed to both Matt and me as we thought about a new look, so we reached out and he agreed to tackle this project!

Tristan produced two looks for us, one white and one black. After receiving feedback from our listeners and friends, although it was a VERY close margin, we landed on the black one. Thank you! Here it is:

Some insights about the logo. Did you notice the flowers in the corners? Those are magnolia leaves/flowers, which reflect our Mississippi context. The cross and the crown are prominent and intentional as identifiers for the person and work of Christ. So, Gospel Reign = the good news (cross/resurrection) of the kingdom (crown).

Tristan also added more elements to the logo as well. After a couple revisions, he said, “The only new piece that I added was the water around the cross. I wanted to do a nod to the passing through the Red Sea and the salvation of the Israelites from the Egyptians. I kept both symbols (crown and cross) the same color scheme (blue and marigold) to symbolize that they are from one and the same God but different parts of the story. The Old Testament (the exodus) and the New Testament (the crowning of the true king, Jesus).”

We hope you like it. We do! And we are thankful for God’s good gifts of friendship and skill to help us communicate who we are and what we are about at Gospel Reign. Pray for us as we seek to serve our churches and our listeners through gospel-centered discussions and content. Blessings to you!


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