7 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

by · April 18, 2017

We know you want to pray for your pastor often, but you may wonder how you can pray specifically. Matt and Micah speak transparently about how to pray most effectively for your pastor. What things are on your pastor’s mind the most, and what are his priorities in ministry? Why is it so important that your pastor know that you are praying for him?

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7 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

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  1. kevin says:

    is it my internet speed or what that cuts off the podcast before it is finished? I hope you can answer this question because i know several people are experiencing this problem

    • Matt Brown says:

      Hey Kevin, sorry for the delayed response. We have noticed sometimes that the podcast needs to buffer as it is playing, causing it to pause for a while. Sometimes this is the result of internet speed issues. We have encouraged some to play the podcast from an app like the Podcast app in iTunes. You can play it through PodBay or TuneIn also. Most of the time, the podcast will download and not have to buffer. Try this and let us know how it works.

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