Clean and Unclean

by · October 30, 2018

Join Matt and Micah as they give some helpful insight into the Old Testament laws concerning clean and unclean animals.  Many Christians struggle understanding why God would prohibit his people to eat certain kinds of animals.  On this podcast, you will hear that God’s intention was to give illustrations of purity to His people by using food and other common things like clothing and property.

Gospel Reign
Clean and Unclean

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  1. Shayne Johnston says:


    I’ve recently started attending my local Baptist church in Perth, Western Australia. My only other time I had anything to do with religion was 20+ years ago when I attended Bible study with the Seventh Day Adventist church. I don’t want to get into a discussion about that denomination as I have now moved to a Baptist church & am really happy. The reason I have replied to this particular episode is because it does mention that the only laws that carry into the new testament are the 10 commandments. This obviously includes keeping the Sabbath. Why don’t we observe the Sabbath if the 10 commandments are still meant to be followed?


    • Matt Brown says:


      Thanks for the question. It’s good to hear from you. First, we’d love to know how you heard about and found the Gospel Reign podcast.

      It’s great to hear that you are attending a Baptist church. Micah and I are both Baptist pastors.

      The 10 commandments are the moral law, which form the foundation for the other laws in the OT, and continue to serve as the foundation of how God’s people live today. For example, the command “Do not steal,” if understood the way Jesus told his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount, helps us know the reason we shouldn’t steal from someone is because we should love them. So, the 10 commandments are founded on love and mercy.

      There are many other laws, such as food laws, that are not required for the New Testament church. This is taught for example in the book of Acts, when Peter is shown a sheet coming down from heaven. In that sheet were all kinds of animals, both clean and unclean according to OT law. But, God told Peter to rise and eat. This is one example that shows us that the OT ceremonial laws were fulfilled in and by Jesus in the NT.

      In the OT, the Sabbath (Saturday) was celebrated as a day of rest, in honor of God’s day of rest from creating on the seventh day. Saturday remained the day of rest and worship until after the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We are told in the book of Acts that the believers began to meet on the first day of the week (Sunday) to celebrate the resurrection that was on Sunday. Some have said it this way; In the OT they worshiped on Saturday in celebration of the creation event, in the NT they worshiped on Sunday in celebration of the new creation event (the resurrection). Today, we follow the pattern set for us by the early church.

      I hope this helps.

      If you are looking for a good resource online, check this one out: got


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