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30 Oct


Clean and Unclean


Join Matt and Micah as they give some helpful insight into the Old Testament laws concerning clean and unclean animals.  Many Christians struggle understanding why God would prohibit his people to eat certain kinds of animals.  On this podcast, you will hear that God’s intention was to give illustrations of purity to His people by […]

13 Mar


Biblical Covenants Part 2


Matt and Micah dive into part two of an insightful discussion on the Biblical Covenants.  Following the covenant of God at creation and with Noah, God chooses Abram and makes a covenant with him which involves the promise of land and offspring.  This conversation will help you make sense of this special covenant and how […]

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05 Sep


The Nashville Statement: Addressing biblical and cultural issues of sexual identity


Matt and Micah analyze and react to the recent release of The Nashville Statement, which offers 14 articles related to biblical and cultural issues regarding human sexuality. What does the Bible say about these issues? How should we respond to the changing cultural landscape on sexual identity, especially homosexuality and transgenderism? Join Matt and Micah […]